Starting from 0

So yesterday I had my first 11-aside football match after x number of months.  2 months out from injury plus additional months from being out of season.  Result?  We lost by 1 goal.  And I was HORRIBLE. Que horror.  Probably the worst game i’ve played in my life.  I spent all afternoon and all night … Continue reading Starting from 0

Superfoods are SUPER!

80% proper diet, 20% exercise.  If you’re frustrated about not achieving your ideal size or getting that health goal you wanted even after running a gazillion miles and taking tons of expensive classes, well, lifestyle check! You’re probably not eating right.  It’s 80% diet and 20% exercise.  THIS is probably the simplest yet most important … Continue reading Superfoods are SUPER!

Lagrima (Mexican Love!)

Filipinos today are becoming more open and curious when it comes to food.  We’ve gone from local dishes to a wide array of global dishes simply because our palettes are just crazy adventurous.  And yes, WE LOVE FOOD. One of my personal favorites is Mexican food.  Although we don’t have a wide array of choices … Continue reading Lagrima (Mexican Love!)

Bohol, Panglao

Because vacation calories don’t count. Because P20-bucks-a-piece-uni is like winning the lottery. Because HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons never looked so damn cool. Because Apple Pie soda + Rhum is a work of art. Because a boodle fight during lunchtime meant your day was GUHREAT. Because Philippines owns the most beautiful and pristine oceans. Because humans can fly (somehow). … Continue reading Bohol, Panglao